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Форум » For Knife and Weapon » Weapon форум » alias (cfg)
GranDДата: Среда, 31.03.2010, 06:29 | Сообщение # 1
Группа: Проверенные
Сообщений: 349
Награды: 66
Репутация: 31
// ----Radio----
alias "radio1; ms1; clmenu"
alias "radio1; ms2; clmenu"
alias hp "radio1; ms3; clmenu"
alias "radio1; ms4; clmenu"
alias "radio1; ms5; clmenu"
alias tf "radio1; ms6; clmenu"

alias go "radio2; ms1; clmenu"
alias "radio2; ms2; clmenu"
alias "radio2; ms3; clmenu"
alias gip "radio2; ms4; clmenu"
alias "radio2; ms5; clmenu"
alias "radio2; ms6; clmenu"

alias "radio3; ms1; clmenu"
alias "radio3; ms2; clmenu"
alias nb "radio3; ms3; clmenu"
alias sc "radio3; ms4; clmenu"
alias iip "radio3; ms5; clmenu"
alias "radio3; ms6; clmenu"
alias "radio3; ms7; clmenu"
alias "radio3; ms8; clmenu"
alias nd "radio3; ms9; clmenu"
alias "radio_ack" "radio3; wait8; menuselect 1;deselect"
alias "rnegative" "radio3;wait;menuselect 8;deselect"    
alias "radio_spotted" "radio3; wait8; menuselect 2;deselect"

alias "bc"  "say_team I have the bomb covered"
alias "epd" "say_team I have the enemy pinned down. need assitance..."
alias "sbs" "say_team Secure the bomb sites. Let them come to us"
alias  "rc" "say_team Room Clear!"
alias "ihh" "say_team I have the hostages. Need assistance"
alias "wfo" "say_team wait for 1 minute then launch the attack"
alias "ebu" "say_team Enemy have got behind us!"

// ----Misc----
alias ms1 "menuselect 1"
alias ms2 "menuselect 2"
alias ms3 "menuselect 3"
alias ms4 "menuselect 4"
alias ms5 "menuselect 5"
alias ms6 "menuselect 6"
alias ms7 "menuselect 7"
alias ms8 "menuselect 8"
alias ms9 "menuselect 9"

alias  "clmenu" "wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10"

//weapon select

// Buy Ammo                 (f2)               Note: Buy as much ammo as possible
alias           "get-ammo"      "buyammo1;buyammo1;buyammo1;buyammo1;buyammo2;buyammo2;buyammo2;buyammo2"

// Buy Armor                (f3)               Note: Try to get the best first
alias           "get-armor"     "buyequip;wait;menuselect 2;deselect;buyequip;wait;menuselect 1;deselect"

// Buy LIGHT Shotgun                           
alias           "get-lshotgun"   "buy;wait;menuselect 2;wait;menuselect 1;deselect;get-ammo;get-armor"

// Buy Heavy Shotgun                           
alias           "get-hshotgun"   "buy;wait;menuselect 2;wait;menuselect 2;deselect;get-ammo;get-armor"

// Buy Team Light SMG                   Note: Gets the best one for your team
alias           "get-lsmg"       "buy;wait;menuselect 3;wait;menuselect 2;deselect;buy;wait;menuselect 3;wait;menuselect 4;deselect;get-ammo;get-armor"

// Buy Team Heavy SMG                       Note: Gets the best one for your team
alias           "get-hsmg"  "buy; wait; menuselect 3; wait8; menuselect 1     ;deselect;get-ammo;get-armor"

// Buy Team Light Rifle                Note: Gets the best one for your team
alias           "get-lrifle"    "buy;wait;menuselect 4;wait;menuselect 3;deselect;buy;wait;menuselect 4;wait;menuselect 1;deselect;get-ammo;get-armor"

// Buy Team Heavy Rifle                Note: Gets the best one for your team
alias           "get-hrifle"    "buy;wait;menuselect 4;wait;menuselect 4;deselect;buy;wait;menuselect 4;wait;menuselect 2;deselect;get-ammo;get-armor"

// Buy Scout               Note: Gets the best one for your team
alias           "get-scout"    "buy;wait;menuselect 4;wait;menuselect 5;deselect;get-ammo;get-armor"

// Buy AWP               Note: Gets the best one for your team
alias           "get-AWP"    "buy;wait;menuselect 4;wait;menuselect 6;deselect;get-ammo;get-armor"

// Buy G3               Note: Gets the best one for your team
alias           "get-G3"    "buy;wait;menuselect 4;wait;menuselect 7;deselect;get-ammo;get-armor"

// Buy PARA                Note: Gets the best one for your team
alias           "get-PARA"    "buy;wait;menuselect 5;wait;menuselect 1;deselect;get-ammo;get-armor;get-ammo"

// Buy Grenades                         Note: Buy as many as you can afford    
alias           "get-grens"     "buyequip;wait;menuselect 3;deselect;buyequip;wait;menuselect 4;deselect;buyequip;wait;menuselect 3;deselect;deselect;buyequip;wait;menuselect 5;deselect"

// Buy Defuse                           
alias           "get-defuse"     "buyequip;wait;menuselect 6;deselect"

// Deselect Menus                     Note: Cancel menu screen
alias           "deselect"      "wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10"

bind "F1" "buy"
bind "F2" "get-lshotgun"
bind "F3" "get-hshotgun"
bind "F4" "get-lsmg"
bind "F5" "get-hsmg"
bind "F6" "get-lrifle"
bind "F7" "get-hrifle"
bind "F8" "get-scout"
bind "F9" "get-AWP"
bind "f10" "get-G3"
bind "f11" "get-PARA"
bind f12 "get-grens"
bind kp_del "get-defuse"    
bind "kp_leftarrow" "get-ammo"
bind "kp_rightarrow" "get-armor"

// -= Communications Commands =-

// Radio Messages           (Bound to Various)      Note: Binding is on the right
alias           "rcoverme"      "radio1;wait;menuselect 1;deselect"     // Cover Me            F1
alias           "rtakepoint"    "radio1;wait;menuselect 2;deselect"     // You Take the Point  F2
alias           "rholdpos"      "radio1;wait;menuselect 3;deselect"     // Hold This Position  F3
alias           "rregroup"      "radio1;wait;menuselect 4;deselect"     // Regroup Team        F4
alias           "rfollowme"     "radio1;wait;menuselect 5;deselect"     // Follow Me           KP_SLASH
alias           "rtakingfire"   "radio1;wait;menuselect 6;deselect"     // Taking Fire            

// Group Commands           (Bound to Various)      Note: Binding is on the right
alias           "rgo"           "radio2;wait;menuselect 1;deselect"     // Go                  F5
alias           "rfallback"     "radio2;wait;menuselect 2;deselect"     // Fall Back           F6
alias           "rstick"        "radio2;wait;menuselect 3;deselect"     // Stick Together Team    
alias           "rgetinpos"     "radio2;wait;menuselect 4;deselect"     // Get in Position        
alias           "rstorm"        "radio2;wait;menuselect 5;deselect"     // Storm the Front     F7
alias           "rreportin"     "radio2;wait;menuselect 6;deselect"     // Report In           F8

// Responses                (Bound to Various)      Note: Binding is on the right
alias           "rroger"        "radio3;wait;menuselect 1;deselect"     // Affirmative         KP_PLUS
alias           "renemyspot"    "radio3;wait;menuselect 2;deselect"     // Enemy Spotted       F9
alias           "rbackup"       "radio3;wait;menuselect 3;deselect"     // Need Backup         F10
alias           "rsclear"       "radio3;wait;menuselect 4;deselect"     // Sector Clear        KP_ENTER
alias           "rinpos"        "radio3;wait;menuselect 5;deselect"     // I'm in Position     F11
alias           "rstatus"       "radio3;wait;menuselect 6;deselect"     // Reporting In        *
alias           "rblow"         "radio3;wait;menuselect 7;deselect"     // She's Gonna Blow    PAUSE
alias           "rnegative"     "radio3;wait;menuselect 8;deselect"     // Negative            KP_MINUS
alias           "rnmedown"      "radio3;wait;menuselect 9;deselect"     // Enemy Down          F12

// Default Messages         (Unbound)               Note: You might find these useful
alias           "msuppress"     "say_team Providing Suppressive Fire"
alias           "massault"      "say_team Assaulting Base, Fan Out"
alias           "msnipe"        "say_team Going Sniper"
alias           "mflank"        "say_team Flanking Enemy Position"
alias           "mplant"        "say_team Planting the Bomb, Cover Me"
alias           "mcover"        "say_team Covering the Bomb"
alias           "msearch"       "say_team Search And Destroy"
alias           "mvip"          "say_team Covering the VIP"
alias           "mhos"          "say_team Going for the Hostages"


// Deselect Menus           (Unbound)               Note: Cancel menu screen x 6
alias           "deselect"      "wait;wait;slot10;wait;wait;slot10;wait;wait;slot10;wait;wait;slot10;wait;wait;slot10;wait;wait;slot10"

// Clean Screenshot         (Bound to w)            Note: Edit r_traceglow, gamma, brightness and hud_centerid in csoff to match cixsetting.cfg
alias           "cs-on"         "r_traceglow 1;gamma 3.0;brightness 4.0;hud_centerid 0;crosshair 0;r_drawviewmodel 0"
alias           "cs-off"        "r_traceglow 0;gamma 4.0;brightness 2.0;hud_centerid 1;crosshair 1;r_drawviewmodel 1"
alias           "cleansnap"     "cs-on;wait;clear;wait;snapshot;wait;cs-off;wait;speak screen,cleanup,activated"

// Net Graph Toggle         (Bound to v)            Note: Checks your connection
alias           "+net"          "net_graph 3"
alias           "-net"          "net_graph 0"

// -= Attack Commands =-

// Quick Smoke Grenade      (Bound to p)            Note: Holds the grenade - remove warn-smoke if required
alias           "warn-smoke"    "say_team Warning - Smoke Grenade - Hold your breath!"
alias           "+smokey"       "warn-smoke;use weapon_smokegrenade;wait;+attack"
alias           "-smokey"       "-attack;wait;lastinv"

// Quick HE Grenade         (Bound to [)            Note: Holds the grenade - remove warn-blast if required
alias           "warn-blast"    "say_team Warning - HE Grenade - Take Cover!"
alias           "+wallop"       "warn-blast;use weapon_hegrenade;wait;+attack"
alias           "-wallop"       "-attack;wait;lastinv"

// Quick Concussion Grenade (Bound to ])            Note: Holds the grenade - remove warn-flash if required
alias           "warn-flash"    "say_team Warning - Concussion Grenade - Cover Your Eyes!"
alias           "+flashbang"    "warn-flash;use weapon_flashbang;wait;+attack"
alias           "-flashbang"    "-attack;wait;lastinv"

// Grenade Selector         (Bound to INS)          Note: Cycles through each grenade type
alias           "cyclegren1"    "use weapon_hegrenade;wait;alias grenmode cyclegren2;speak grenade,one,selected"
alias           "cyclegren2"    "use weapon_flashbang;wait;alias grenmode cyclegren3;speak grenade,two,selected"
alias           "cyclegren3"    "use weapon_smokegrenade;wait;alias grenmode cyclegren1;speak grenade,three,selected"
alias           "grenmode"      "cyclegren1"

// Switch Weapons           (Bound to KP_INS)       Note: Easily switch between Primary and Secondary
alias           "smallgun"      "slot1;wait;alias attackmode largegun"
alias           "largegun"      "slot2;wait;alias attackmode smallgun"
alias           "attackmode"    "smallgun"

// Switch to Knife          (Bound to PGDN)         Note: Easily switch between Current Weapon and Knife
alias           "knifeout"      "slot3;wait;alias knifeswap knifein"
alias           "knifein"       "lastinv;wait;alias knifeswap knifeout"
alias           "knifeswap"     "knifeout"

// -= Movement Commands =-

// Duck Toggle              (Bound to HOME)         Note: Up or Down
alias           "crouchon"      "+duck;wait;alias crouchmode crouchoff;speak duct,mode,activated"
alias           "crouchoff"     "-duck;wait;alias crouchmode crouchon;speak duct,mode,deactivated"
alias           "crouchmode"    "crouchon"

// Walk Toggle              (Bound to PGUP)         Note: Slow or Fast
alias           "walkon"        "+speed;wait;alias walkmode walkoff;speak walk,mode,activated"
alias           "walkoff"       "-speed;wait;alias walkmode walkon;speak walk,mode,deactivated"
alias           "walkmode"      "walkon"

// -= Purchase Commands =-

// Buy Ammo                 (Bound to /)            Note: Buy as much ammo as possible
alias           "get-ammo"      "buyammo1;buyammo1;buyammo1;buyammo1;buyammo2;buyammo2;buyammo2;buyammo2"

// Buy Armor                (Unbound)               Note: Try to get the best first
alias           "get-armor"     "buyequip;wait;wait;menuselect 2;deselect;buyequip;wait;wait;menuselect 1;deselect"

// Buy Grenades             (Unbound)               Note: Buys as many as you can afford   
alias           "get-grens"     "buyequip;wait;wait;menuselect 4;deselect;buyequip;wait;wait;menuselect 5;deselect;buyequip;wait;wait;menuselect 3;deselect;buyequip;wait;wait;menuselect 3;deselect"

// Buy Shotgun              (Bound to a)            Note: M3 is $1700, XM1014 is $3000
alias           "get-m3"        "buy;wait;wait;menuselect 2;wait;wait;menuselect 1;deselect;get-ammo;get-armor;get-grens"
alias           "get-xm1014"    "buy;wait;wait;menuselect 2;wait;wait;menuselect 2;deselect;get-ammo;get-armor;get-grens"
alias           "get-shotgun"   "get-xm1014"

// Buy SMG                  (Bound to s)            Note: MP5 is $1500, TMP is $1250, MAC10 is $1400
alias           "get-mp5"       "buy;wait;wait;menuselect 3;wait;wait;menuselect 1;deselect;get-ammo;get-armor;get-grens"
alias           "get-tsmg"      "buy;wait;wait;menuselect 3;wait;wait;menuselect 2;deselect;buy;wait;wait;menuselect 3;wait;wait;menuselect 4;deselect;get-ammo;get-armor;get-grens"
alias           "get-smg"       "get-mp5"

// Buy Team Light Rifle     (Bound to d)            Note: Gets the best one for your team
alias           "get-lrifle"    "buy;wait;wait;menuselect 4;wait;wait;menuselect 3;deselect;buy;wait;wait;menuselect 4;wait;wait;menuselect 1;deselect;get-ammo;get-armor;get-grens"

// Buy Team Heavy Rifle     (Bound to f)            Note: Gets the best one for your team
alias           "get-hrifle"    "buy;wait;wait;menuselect 4;wait;wait;menuselect 4;deselect;buy;wait;wait;menuselect 4;wait;wait;menuselect 2;deselect;get-ammo;get-armor;get-grens"

// Buy Sniper Rifle         (bound to g)            Note: Select which one you prefer
alias           "get-scout"     "buy;wait;wait;menuselect 4;wait;wait;menuselect 5;deselect;get-ammo;get-armor;get-grens"
alias           "get-awp"       "buy;wait;wait;menuselect 4;wait;wait;menuselect 6;deselect;get-ammo;get-armor;get-grens"
alias           "get-g3"        "buy;wait;wait;menuselect 4;wait;wait;menuselect 7;deselect;get-ammo;get-armor;get-grens"
alias           "get-srifle"    "get-awp"

// Buy Machine Gun          (bound to h)            Note: Select which one you prefer
alias           "get-mgun"      "buy;wait;wait;menuselect 5;wait;wait;menuselect 1;deselect;get-ammo;get-armor;get-grens"

Это ник в кс) Кто хочет со мной поиграть, кидайте фрэнд, ток пишите что с сайта (:
Vkonakte ID-7469206

Сообщение отредактировал GranD - Среда, 31.03.2010, 06:29
Форум » For Knife and Weapon » Weapon форум » alias (cfg)
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